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    Mid-West Services was Founded in the United Kingdom in 2006 to deliver a portfolio of services that are cost effective without compromising on quality. In the last 15 years the company has delivered various and Major UK contracts in Cleaning, Security Services and Supply of Manpower to various sectors.

    In January 2021, Mid-west introduced its unique services to the United States as part of her expansion plans.

We Provide the Following Services

Rear view of mature security guard listening to earpiece against building

Concierge Staff

Concierge staff has a huge impact on the experience of tenants and unit owners. If you want staff that is friendly, caring, hardworking, and trustworthy, turn to Mid-West Services.
Concierge desk in a luxury hotel

Security Personnel

If you’re been considering adding some security personnel to your business, you’ve come to the right place! Mid-West Services is an industry-leading staffing agency helping businesses hire reliable, hardworking security personnel.

Restaurant Staff

Commercial kitchens are intense, fast-paced environments. Mid-West Services has staffing solutions to supply you with driven, hardworking restaurant staff who will thrive in your company.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Make your healthcare facility spotless with commercial cleaning services from Mid-West Services. Whether your facility is big or small, partnering with us means you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to operating your busy healthcare organization.

Day Porters and General Cleaners and Janitors

High-quality cleaners, janitors, and day porters are always worth investing in. Staffing solutions from Mid-West Services connect you with hardworking, detail-oriented cleaners that are the right fit for your business.
Photo Of Janitor Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner
Workers In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

Warehouse Personnel and Factory Workers

At Mid-West Services, we’re committed to working hand in hand with you to find solutions to your hiring problems. If you’ve been struggling to find trustworthy warehouse personnel and factory workers, we’re here to fulfill your needs.

Hotel and Hospitality Staff

Employees at hotels and other hospitality businesses should not only be hard workers, but also friendly workers. Their professionalism and exceptional customer service will ensure that your guests have the best experience possible while staying at your hotel.
Picture of two receptionists at work